Battle of Small Giants

Skorpion Versus Blind Snake

This small but amazing story happened in July 2010 on Guest Farm Scheidthof.

It was a cold winters day and the author was driving along one of the many bush roads on the Farm, when he came across a dead Jackal in the middle of the “Pad” (road). After a quick inspection, he determined that the animals must have died from a disease as its fur looked very scruffy. The best thing to do at that time was to pick it up and bury it in an area known as the “dump site”. This is a fenced in area were no other animals can get to.

After arriving back to the farm house, he took the animal to the “dump site” and started digging a hole. After a couple of feet of digging suddenly there appeared a 30cm long Blind Snake. After carefully moving the animal to the side, taking care not to hurt it,  there was some unexpected movement in the soil next to the Blind Snake. The author was surprised to discover that a very large yellow Scorpion has just emerged out of the soil right next to the Blind Snake.

What happened next was nothing less then spectacular. The Blind Snake seemed to sense that there was some sort of danger in-front of her. The Scorpion now with its tail bend like a sable high above its body, turned towards the Blind Snake, ready to attack. The Blind Snake tried to slither past the Scorpion, but it grabbed the snake just behind the head with one of its pincers, holding it in place. After holding the Blind snake in that position for one or two seconds, the Scorpion positioned itself to deliver a the lethal strike with its tail. The strike happened very fast and again to the authors astonishment, the Scorpion keep its stinger embedded into the blind snake for a good 40 seconds.

Picture above: Large Yellow Scorpion stinging a Blind Snake

Both pictures were taken with a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS

Picture below: This picture was submitted to the Canon invitemrwright Photo Contest

It is not hard to say who came out as the winner in both Battles.

written by: Bernd Otto Grahl

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