Namibia to create a new ‘mega’ National Park

Coastline of Namibia

The creation of a new National Park will leave Namibia with the eighth largest conservation area in the world.

Namibia, winner of the Top Country awards at the Wanderlust Travel Awards 2011 yesterday, has announced it is to open a ‘mega’ Naional Park.

Once the park is officially open Namibia will boast the world’s eight-largest conservation area – comprising four adjacent parks that, to put into context, are larger than Portugal in total.

The new park, to be named Dorob National Park, will stretch from the Skeleton Coast Park’s southern border to the Northern tip of the Namib Naukluft Park.

Tracy Lederer, Product Manager for Namibia at Expert Africa said, “We are delighted with this news. The decision to protect this central area of the coast will help to preserve this unique environment. Namibia is one of the most switched-on countries when it comes to conservation, and this represents another impressive environmental initiative from its government.” (Article taken from: Namibia to create a new ‘mega’ National Park | News | Wanderlust.)

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