Atlantis Survives Crested Porcupine Attack

After a 5 minute long face-off between Scheidthof Atlantis, a 3 year old warm blood mare and a wild crested porcupine, the later admitted defeat and rushed back into the hole out of which it initially appeared. Unfortunate for Atlantis the porcupine managed to pierce one of its quills right through the left nostril.

The quill was carefully removed and Atlantis was administered with an intramuscular injection of 20cc Peheni La Phenix, a strong antibiotic. A Terranycin wound spray was also applied to the wound to ward of flies and a possible infection.

The warm blood mare has learned her lesson and it is like they say: “Keep your nose out of other people’s business.”

About Guest Farm Scheidthof

Guest Farm Scheidthof is a registered Safari/tour operation business. We have specialized over the years in driving tours, to show tourist from all around the globe, the beauty of Namibia. For more information please contact Bernd Grahl under the following email:
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