We are writing the year 1910-12, when the “NOMTSAS Shepherd Society” bought the farms Aida, Pepperkorrel, Scheidthof, La Cockshoop and Skietwerf from the German colonial society.  These farms where seen as a unit and together they formed the name Scheidthof.  Scheidthof originates from the former director Mr. Scheidt of the “NOMTSAS Shepherd Society”.  Back then the former manager and owner of Scheidthof was a certain Mr. Breiting.


In the year 1915 when the Union troops occupied South West Africa the Scheidthof complex was abandoned. The total area of Farm Scheidthof was measured for the first time in 1927 after which it was divided into 5 units. Out of these units the present farms namely Scheidthof, Skietwerf, Pepperkorrel, Aida and La Cockshoop developed.

Only in the year 1929, were these farms sold to their prospective owners.  The manager Mr. Breiting, back then still lived on the present Farm Aida. A certain Mr. Nel and Vorster lived at farm Scheidthof before the farm was sold in the year 1953 to Mr. Otto Franz Grahl and his wife Lina. They started to farm on the 9th March 1953. Mr. Otto Rudolf Grahl the son of Mr. Otto Franz Grahl bought the farm in 1984 and is farming on the property up to the present day. Since 2005 Scheidthof is operating alongside the usual farming activities as a Guest, Tour and Safari business.


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