Kalahari – A Smell of Sweetness

The sweet smell of the Camelthorn Flowers annouces the start of spring in the Kalahari.

Read more about the Camelthorn Tree and why it is called Acacia Erioloba

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Atlantis Survives Crested Porcupine Attack

After a 5 minute long face-off between Scheidthof Atlantis, a 3 year old warm blood mare and a wild crested porcupine, the later admitted defeat and rushed back into the hole out of which it initially appeared. Unfortunate for Atlantis the porcupine managed to pierce one of its quills right through the left nostril.

The quill was carefully removed and Atlantis was administered with an intramuscular injection of 20cc Peheni La Phenix, a strong antibiotic. A Terranycin wound spray was also applied to the wound to ward of flies and a possible infection.

The warm blood mare has learned her lesson and it is like they say: “Keep your nose out of other people’s business.”

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Fire Fighting

“A bushfire destroyed 7000 Hectare Farmland on the 23.08.2011. The fire started due to Termites that ate their way through a power line pole. When the pole fell to the ground the cables ignited the grass. Domestic Animals were injured and nine cows were killed.”

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Wedding in the African Bush

A big event for Guest Farm Scheidthof – A Wedding

On the 11thof May 2011 a young couple from Switzerland decided to get married with a free Registrar on Guest Farm Scheidthof. The stunning wedding was held under a huge Camel thorn tree. The ceremony was accompanied by a traditional choir and concluded with a champagne toast.

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The young married couple experienced a further 6 exciting days on Guest Farm Scheidthof, exploring the second longest cave in Southern Africa, going on a safari to an Elephant Lodge and making numerous game drives as well as a city tour through Windhoek.

The last two days were spent relaxing on the farm. On their final day, they were fortunate enough to see two wild cheetahs in the open savannah.

For the guests as well as the hosts it was an unforgettable event.

We wish them all the best and a long lasting marriage.

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Hail Storm Demolishes 2000 Hectare

This gallery contains 13 photos.

A heavy hail storm has destroyed a vast area of grassland on Farm Scheidthof and neighbouring farms. An eye witness has claimed to have seen vultures being hit out of trees by golf ball sized hail pellets. Although this year has … Continue reading

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Namibia — National Geographic Traveler

Namibia has some of the world's tallest sand dunes.

Namibia — National Geographic Traveler.

By Chris Eckstrom

Just point your vehicle straight down and go,” Volker Jahnke says to me, his voice gravelly over the two-way radio. “But don’t stop and don’t turn the wheel,” he cautions, “or you’ll roll like a melon.” I’m perched atop a skyscraper-high sand dune in a 4×4 truck, aiming down. All I see is a sheer drop of sand and Jahnke’s Land Cruiser at the bottom, looking like a Tinker Toy. read more

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